How to select a Performance Camshaft

When selecting a performance camshaft, consider the use for which the vehicle will be required.
We all know the claims: 20 BHP extra.
This sounds great – but think!
These automotive manufacturers can’t be that silly to disregard 20 BHP by changing a camshaft.
Ask yourself! Where is this 20 BHP? Probably not where you will ever use it at 7500 rpm.
Well, probably we will use it, occasionally; it would be nice to have in reserve.
Hold on! In this world there is no such thing as a “free meal”. What’s the possible trade-off of this 20 BHP? It could be a loss of 10 BHP at 2500 rpm. This means, each time you accelerate through 2500 rpm, you could lose 10 BHP. This to me, doesn’t sound too good.


Be conservative! Don’t over-cam your engine. Choose your cam for the correct application. Consider! Fit a milder cam and increase your power by 10 BHP at 3500 rpm.
Remember! You get this 10 HP every time you accelerate through 3500 rpm. Multiply this by 10 HP each time you drive through 3500 rpm then deduct the times you reach 7500 rpm.
I’m sure you will find more horsepower on the 3500 rpm side than the 7500 rpm calculation.

Part & Phase numbers

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